TRANDEN ANTARES: (Black Alpha) Tranden is one of the few survivors of VARRAMAR, a destroyed mining colony in the Fringe Territories. His family was lost in that tragedy.
Tranden uses the CEL Suit and ship of a fallen Guardsmen to bring justice to those he believes are responsible.
KAI-RAY RANN: (Sentry Officer) Officer Rann is a courageous and honest beat cop. She refuses to be bought-out by the ruling regimes of corruption. Kai-ray  still hopes to make a difference in the Fringe
THURON DREY: (Fallen warrior of the Guardsmen Amariah) Thuron was the original pilot of the CEL Suit and ship, Aramis-Seven that Tranden now operates.  Drey is listed as missing but it is believed he was destroyed with the other Guardsmen at the Talon's Edge battle.
FATHER MORDRATH: (Shi-Aun Priest of the Science Ministry) Mordrath was excommunicated from the church for expressing radical beliefs to the realm. He has a mysterious connection to the technology that the church uses to create the CEL Suits.

TUL-BRAK: (Ruling Warlord in the Fringe) Without the Guardsmen presence, he created a guild of villainy that has yet to be defeated and continues to gain power through oppression enforced by his cartels.