Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm excited as a 7 year old again!!--what a great summer for comic book movies--the Avengers was awesome--in July we get a Spider-Man and Batman movie--the two first super heroes I was introduced to as a very young boy--and last but not least--I will have issue 1 of my Black Alpha series wrapped up by august--there will be some exciting announcements to coincide with that as there are some great opportunities brewing for BA and myself--I also wanted to thank my family and friends about getting the word out about the great interview feature on by Raphael Moran !!--for those who may have missed it--here's the link again--and anyone else who wants to help spread the word about the interview and Black Alpha--it sure wouldn't hurt my feelings any lol

Monday, June 25, 2012

I just remembered one more thing lol--for any new viewers ot visitors--have a look around to all the pages--especially the Merchandise and Promotional Materials pages-- where you'll find apparel, maquettes,action figure proto-types,and a model of Black Alpha's star cruiser--the Aramis VII--I also plan on setting up an online store fairly soon as I've had numerous inquiries on all the merchandise !!
And it's been awhile again lol--so there is new content on the Comic Book Series page--actual pages from the upcoming Black Alpha issue 1, plus a couple of behind the scenes teasers--also an amazing new cover for the BA preview edition by cover artist Christian Colbert--then on the Characters,Ships and Concepts page, some pages from the preview edition --which was a huge success at the Albuquerque Comic Expo and the Denver Comic Con !!--last but not least--I've provided a few links directly below for the Black Alpha Facebook page--spread the word about the FB page if you get the opportunity !!--,a couple of great articles on BA and myself on, The,, and finally the Giovanni Gelati blog talk radio show--was a blast doin that radio interview--also in a couple of months I should be able to make some official announcements about Black Alpha reaching a much wider audience--very exciting my friends !!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


....A new beginning--with the advent of an upcoming comic book series for our intrepid hero-- created by Drew Hunt,Mike Keirns, and yours truly--I decided to redo the Black Alpha website--you'll find all new pages with new imagery--a new trailer created by Olivia Rangel ,that accompanies the original trailer created by James Gaskins on the home page--there will still be an animated series for BA--but I decided a comic book would be a great way to introduce our story and connect to an audience right out of the gate--speaking of--check out the awesome cover for issue 1 by Christian Colbert!!--so sit back and enjoy the ride!--I think this year will be an amazing one for Black Alpha!!